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Playground Equipment – Frew Park

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Frew Park




Locker Group / Playworks


Guymer Bailey


Playground enclosures


Boston 311 T316 Stainless

How Locker Group designed, supplied and constructed Frew Park

Traditionally, Locker Group’s role in construction projects has been that of a supplier only. Now, the firm’s services are becoming more comprehensive, guiding initiatives from start to finish.

Locker Group’s participation in the Frew Park project exemplifies the company’s evolution into a solutions-focussed firm—one that embodies modern development.

A playground with an industrial edge

The Brisbane City Council contacted the architects at Guymer Bailey to rejuvenate the former Milton Tennis Centre, envisioning an exciting playground for both toddlers and adolescents. The architects conceptualised a playground that had an industrial feel, like a miniature, abandoned city waiting to be explored. Based on the original design., Guymer Bailey realised it needed a product with small apertures that could;

    • Create an above-ground enclosure
    • Discourage kids from climbing the equipment
    • Support a safe environment
  • Provide visibility

Regarding this criteria, the architects contacted Locker Group’s Contracting manager Damian Parker, who had worked with Guymer Bailey in the past. After assessing their requirements, Mr Parker and his colleagues selected the Boston 311 woven wire profile. Opting for a stainless steel iteration to eliminate the need for special coating, Mr Parker knew Boston 311 would deliver the functions Guymer Bailey needed. The wire mesh sported a 7.5 x 25.4mm aperture and upheld the industrial theme the architect was looking to emulate. To provide the playground equipment, principle contractor Epoca Construction brought Playworks into the fold. As Playworks’ products would be installed in tandem with Locker Group’s, the former company contracted Locker Group to design, supply and install the metalworks under their construction package.

Honing the product to fulfil its purpose:

With the exact product in mind, Mr Parker and the other experts at Locker Group had to figure out the best way to fabricate it according to Guymer Bailey’s needs. First the team assessed Boston 311’s inherent requirements. Woven wire needs a framework on the outside, with clamps connecting the mesh between flat surfaces. The trick is to make sure the clamps are tight enough so the material stays in place when exposed to impact ( in this case, kids at play). To uphold the product’s stability, Mr Parker and his colleagues created a fixing detail, utilising a rivet system that would clamp between two flat plates, one of which would be welded to the perimeter frame. Locker Group’s experts brought this draft to Guymer Bailey’s architects, who were using 3-D design software to create a detailed visualisation of the playground. After integrating the woven wire product into digital model, Guymer Bailey and Locker Group agreed on a final specification and price for materials.

Production and installation:

Mr Parker and his colleagues used their own computer-aided design (CAD) application, creating the tunnels, suspended cages and other playground components Locker Group would fabricate. Once final iterations were complete, the engineering team outlined the production process. This phase wasn’t without its challenges. The design consisted of precast panels positioned at different angles and a tapered tube between those panels. Fabricating this item involved crafting a cone, cutting it at different angles and flattening it so it could be rolled back up for on-site delivery. Then, Locker Group collaborated with Playworks during building phase to oversee the installation of the wire mesh. This ensured all of the playground elements integrated well. From start to finish, Mr Parker and everybody else at Locker Group delivered the guidance Guymer Bailey and the other stakeholders needed. Although it didn’t supply all the materials, the firm took a proactive approach towards project management, setting a new standard for suppliers throughout Australia.

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