Perforated metal sound-absorbing panels for excellent noise reduction

Optimising the acoustics in an enclosed area is one of the most important aspects to consider for a peaceful work environment. When you can hear the sound of a pin dropping, any noise seems amplified – even if it's minimal.

The lack of a strategy to address acoustics can lead to a loud office or a noisy common area. Perforated metal panels can help reduce reverberating noise and improve the serenity of a room.

Let Locker improve the sound absorption of your space with perforated metal.Elevate your space with metal sound-absorbing paneling.

Metal sound-absorbing basics

What is sound absorption and how does it work?

When a sound is created, it is either absorbed into a material almost completely or is reflected into the area it originated from.

Imagine standing in the middle of a large canyon. When you yell something out into the canyon, you can typically hear the sound wave reflected back at you. Now, if it's raining or if you were surrounded by a dense forest, the resulting sounds might not be as loud. The natural acoustics will still reflect that sound, but the energy of your yell is mostly absorbed by its surroundings. What you hear reflected back has been reduced to nothing more than a small whisper.

Some materials reflect sound energy more than others. A large tiled room with minimal furniture, high ceilings and no carpets will have a loud echo. If that same room had large area rugs, pictures on the wall and a ceiling panel, the room would be able to control unwanted noise more easily.

Now, soundproofing is a little different.

Soundproofing reduces the volume or pressure of sounds created within a room. This method physically blocks sounds from a room while absorbing the sound energy as a form of what is called sound insulation.

Controlling sound with soundproofing by blocking it from passing through a wall is seen most often in movie theaters and recording studios. In both cases, sound entering the room from outside will disturb the sound production inside. This method can be used to prevent sound from escaping or entering a room.

Metal perforated panel installation

Designers use perforated metal as a functionally stylistic way to improve sound acoustics in a busy room. It is usually installed in the ceiling or the walls and absorbs sound with the help of the material underneath it.

The perforated panel has a certain number of punched holes for sound to effectively pass through and into the supporting material. From there the sound is absorbed or scattered. This method allows for a space to absorb most noise from entering the room it is installed in. It's great for office buildings close by a busy street or construction site.

Perforated panels not only help with acoustics but assist with defining spaces as well. If installed indoors, perforated metal panels serve as partitions or can be suspended from the ceiling.

From an architectural perspective, perforated metal panels are excellent for reflecting light if used as a facade. When installed properly, these panels can reduce the excess noise of the building while also reflecting light away from the windows. This ensures the space inside is not only quieter but stays cool and energy-efficient as well.

Additionally, paneling can be completely customisable. When designing with this material, Locker ensures that all of the metal used is recycled and utilised efficiently. All of the cutouts are recycled for another project down the line. We have metals in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours to fit any aesthetic and function.

Why sound absorption panels are right for your next project

Paneling with perforated metal adds a unique decorative effect that is growing in popularity. While it can be used to reduce acoustics, it can help in shading and privacy as well. This type of material can find a home in a wide variety of projects.

Many rooms can be enhanced with sound-absorbing an acoustic panel. Metal roofs in particular could be a difficult beast to control. Using perforated metal for sound absorption, you can reduce the popping noises that occur on your metal roof during each rainfall. The same goes for any unwanted noises. Creating a noise barrier for in your space is paramount for keeping the environment productive, focused and energetically quiet.

Rooms you can use perforated metal noise control include:

  • Conference rooms.
  • Closed offices.
  • Bathrooms.
  • Cinema rooms.
  • Resting rooms.
  • Large shared spaces.
  • Shared walls.
  • Open concept office spaces.

But this list could go on. There are many possibilities for using this material for both style and function.

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