Looking for a cool way to add some shade to a public space? Consider draping metal curtains like this project here.

Stainless steel metal curtains: An edgy alternative

Metal curtains have expanded the playbook for designers and architects worldwide. What used to be associated mainly with industrial art spaces has become an edgy option for interior and exterior spaces. As an ideal architectural solution, the material is highly versatile and is an increasingly popular choice among facade designers.

We'll explore more about this material and how you can use it in your next project.

There are many ways a mental curtain can transform a space and your next project.There are many ways a mental curtain can transform a space and your next project.

What are metal curtains?

Wire curtains that are fabricated of stainless steel offer a cool look to a room, an impenetrable divide for a wall and ongoing customisation possibilities. Stainless steel is a corrosion-resistant metal that allows the material to transition from indoor to outdoor spaces with seamless ease.

Locker has a significant portfolio of architectural wire curtains, varying in thickness and weave configurations. The material can bend and move in any direction based on our client's preferences and how the material will be used.

Advantages of metal curtains

The unique metal chain link curtain is woven wire drapery that is extremely versatile. This material can be used for a variety of functions including car park facades, bridge screening and space delineation. You get both privacy and airflow, mixed in with a modern visual edginess unfounded in any other material.

With the changing of the seasons, metal curtains need minimal maintenance. Not only is it corrosion-resistant, but also fire and acid-proof as well. Because of its resistance to common metal stressors, replacing a metal curtain is only necessary when you're ready to update your look.

Stainless steel is environmentally friendly and easy to recycle to use again for other purposes. It possesses a low carbon footprint, is sourced in Australia, is easy to maintain and is cost-efficient for the long and short term due to its virtually no maintenance requirements.

How it's manufactured

The strength and resilience of metal curtains come from how it's manufactured. Locker metal curtains are produced with interlocking individually coiled metal wires in a simple corkscrew shape. Depending on how much space you want between wire wraps, the corkscrews are either very tight or rather loose with a lot of give.

The coil drapery can be made into any length and width to meet the demands of any project. Before it is installed, the edges of the curtain are crimped and the finished metal panel is secured onto an attachment made specifically for its unique use case.

Styling stainless steel wire curtains

The versatility of metal chain links knows no bounds as they can be used for any number of applications and spaces. Locker is committed to developing coiled wire curtains for architectural designs that develop significant building performance and incredible ambience that can flow into any environment.

Replace plastic or canvas shade, and drape wire curtains across tall metal structures for a new take on a pavilion cover. Or, stretch the material across a large surface area to use as a fenced-in space separating pedestrians from traffic. Even further yet, allow the wire chain link to stretch down vertically from the ceiling for an intriguing take on modern light fixturing.

Wire curtains allow for light and wind to pass through without debris or excessive heat to flow as well. The small openings between each chain link reflect the light playfully on any surface while absorbing the sun's rays for temperature-controlled areas.

The attachment could be strong metal links mounted on the side of the building or a metal frame. Or, the links can be affixed to curtain tracks, allowing the designer unlimited flexibility to position the space and light intentionally to suit the conditions of the room or time of day.

Drape the curtains to cover up air ducts, wiring or as shade in front of windows. This material can move with the modern aesthetic or be repurposed for new installations.

When you work with Locker, we can make your wildest architectural dreams come to life. Our metal curtain experts can help you choose the material that will work best for your project and configure it to meet your design needs. Customisation doesn't stop at the material, you can also choose coatings that fit in with a specific look or feeling of a space.

Functional architectural art is only as limited as your imagination. At Locker, we can make sure you can exceed your expectations.

For more information on the possibilities ahead with metal curtains, contact us today.

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