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Aluminium Grating available with either plain or serrated top surface


Grating Stair Treads with floor plate nosing


Safety Barrier and Balustrade Stanchions, various materials

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Grating and Handrail Safety Barriers, various materials

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Webforge Grating Patterns meet AS1657 requirements

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Standard Handrail Stanchions manufactureed to AS1657

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MESHSTORE - Australia



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Safe Access Walkways 

Locker Group have combined forces with Webforge, and supply Webforge grating and handrail solutions.  For many years Webforge has set the standard in Access market with a combination of standard stock products and custom fabricated projects.

Webforge grating is ideal for walkways, platforms and stairways, amongst endless application possibilities.  Grating is available in either 30mm, 40mm or 60mm Load Bar Pitch (distance between the long way bars) and 50 or 100mm cross bar pitches; in plain or serrated tread, sheets or stair treads.  We carry an extensive range of stock, in numerous combinations of load bar and cross bar pitches.  Click here to visit the Webforge website for more details.

Monowills Handrail and safety barrier solutions have been the market leaders for many years.  Stanchions are available ex-stock or Webforge will fabricate locally to your exact project requirements.  Webforge has recently released a modular handrail range, Monowills Link.


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