In the continuous pursuit of innovation and growth, Locker is excited to announce an upgrade to our laser capabilities.

Locker has already supplied projects incorporating laser cut designs, such as the Melbourne Shrine. Our in house capability provides you with enhanced flexibility to assist in achieving your vision.

Laser cutting allows for any 2D shape to be realised, designs are no longer limited to regular, repeatable shapes and patterns. Although there are design guidelines to take into account, laser opens up the design possibilities.

Depending on the final design, perforating and laser cutting have their own unique advantages. It’s even possible to combine both processes in the same sheet.

Design Considerations

In general, for engineered facades keep more material and bridges to help ensure it can be engineered suitably.

One way to test your design is to try cutting your own design from a stencil using paper or cardboard. General rule is if a stencil of your shape can’t be made then it will not be able to be laser cut from sheet metal.

Our friendly team are here to help. Please feel free to send through your design and we can give you guidance or feedback on whether the design will work or not and what changes might be needed to help make a quality finished product for you.


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