A guide to aluminium security mesh

Keeping your building structure safe from intruders, insects and other pests is a priority for every property owner. The goal for most designers is to find an option that both looks great and has high functionality.

If you want security built for durability, long-lasting strength aluminium security mesh could be an excellent choice.

A guide to aluminium security mesh

Aluminium security mesh can protect any high-valued spaceRely on the strength of an aluminium security mesh fence.

Deciding on aluminium mesh for your project opens up a new level of style and function for your design.

Aluminium security mesh is durable, weather-resistant and long-lasting. Add in our ability to help create any design you need, and you can imagine the possibilities of such material.

While it can be utilised to create an interesting building facade, aluminium mesh serves important security functions as well. This cost-effective material can be used for a variety of functions.

Security mesh stays strong even when facing heavy impacts. This makes it an excellent choice for prisons, farms, high-security buildings and more. Wherever a simple door or chain link fence is not enough security for the building and its occupants, aluminium security mesh could be your solution.

Security screens protect against high impacts and unwanted intrusion. They do so by dissipating force from the location of the impact. Instead of the blow's force focused on one small area, the energy is dispersed throughout the mesh screen.

Aluminium in particular has a high force-to-impact ratio that helps maintain low maintenance costs related to fixing tears over time.

Where are mesh screens used?

We can accommodate any project big or small. However, security mesh is typically used in areas where a high level of security is a must.

Security mesh screens are typically used in correctional facilities. They surround the site or act as a barrier along corridors where staff can both see what is happening throughout the area while maintaining boundaries where they need them. Aluminium security screens are resistant to tearing caused by most other sharp metal materials, making them the perfect medium for building safety.

Similarly, this screen can be used for high-security settings like:

  • Government buildings.
  • Police offices.
  • Military training areas.
  • Computer rooms.
  • Advanced tech facilities.
  • Airports.

Perforated aluminium can be manipulated in different ways for many types of functions, for example, the cutouts in the metal can be changed to fit any style. We also provide stock items for faster installation.

While many high-security settings, such as those listed, may seem to be an uninteresting space to design, any area can be updated and manipulated to look awe-inspiring. You could use security mesh along the facade of a building for added shade, or even control pests.

Aluminium vs. Other metals

While there are many materials to choose from while considering security mesh, perforated aluminium is one of the top options. Along with its durable qualities, it is also less expensive than most metals. Where security mesh is used, aluminium is an option when working with a tight budget.

As an outdoor material, it can last through any weather conditions. The finish applied to aluminium adds a protective layer against corrosion. For this reason, aluminium outlasts steel for outdoor construction.

Stainless steel is also known for its conductivity. In inclement weather, aluminium is less likely to attract lightning than stainless steel. However, this material can still become the site of a lightning strike so be sure to follow safety precautions during thunderstorms.

When considering security walls or fences, you can approach the project in several ways: which material to choose from and how the material is constructed. While perforated or wire mesh is an option, the expanded mesh is most likely the best choice for a security screen for several reasons.

Perforated vs. Expanded mesh

Perforated metal is a material made of stainless steel or aluminium that has cutout holes in it of any shape or size. Expanded mesh is most typically used for security and includes a material that is reinforced by expanding the metal into a diamond pattern. Expanded mesh can be made from galvanized steel, stainless or, of course, aluminium.

The uses of both do vary and overlap in some ways, but the expanded mesh can be used for both partitions, as in a farm or prison, or even for windows and frames.

The difference between the two mainly lies in the manufacturing of the material. Perforated metal was first a sheet that then had holes cut into it. Expanded mesh was once a metal that had a series of cuts made into it before expanding it into a larger, more reinforced sheet. To which, expanded metal is understood as a more affordable option, as there are not any added steps after the metal has been stretched.

Finally, expanded metal is stronger because it doesn't have to go through a hole punch process that breaks down its foundational structure. It was fundamentally perforated before the metal underwent any changes.

Diamond grille security

Locker is the leading manufacturer of expanded aluminium security mesh. We can accommodate your project quickly and with precision, whether you choose a stock option or want a truly unique design.

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