Locker’s Expanded metal mesh is the perfect blend of visually-appealing, durable industrial product, creating a mesh fit for purpose in a variety of ways. The architectural Expanded mesh is manufactured to client specification in our Australian manufacturing plant and delivered to your site, meaning that you always get a product unique to you and your needs.

How Expanded metal mesh works and is installed

Expanded metal mesh profiles come in a myriad of design styles, with its flexible uses a major draw card for our clients. Manufactured locally in Melbourne, the metal mesh can be custom-designed to match the size and profile of the paneling you want, with different strand widths and mesh openings providing various looks. Larger mesh profiles encourage greater light and airflow, which works fantastically well in interior spaces, while exteriors benefit from louver shaped profiles which provide sun shading, keeping your structure cool and preventing sun damage.

Securing Expanded metal mesh profiles to structural exteriors is quick and easy, and panels can be manufactured to project specifications with fitting clips or Met Edge Trim. Our extensive industry experience ensures you receive a product truly fit for purpose and ready for use.

Ways Expanded architectural mesh is used and its benefits

Expanded’s 3D textural finish and industrial edge makes it a popular option for durable sun shading, with the mesh profile excellent at maintaining the right amount of sunlight while keeping the interior of your structure cool and breezy with natural airflow. The architectural mesh is also used as a means for ensuring privacy, with larger ribbon widths screening interiors from view. This means you can use it as an exterior facade for a building that encourages an open-air atmosphere while maintaining your internal privacy.

Expanded metal mesh has been used in a sweep of interesting ways, in both structural exteriors for buildings and innovative art installations. Expanded mesh can be installed with steel tensioned cables to create an intricate and stunning facade framework. Our Project Gallery has excellent examples of the styles of Expanded metal mesh and how they have been used by our clients.

For more information on Expanded mesh Australian made, details on delivery , or even just to chat about your architectural options, contact our friendly architecture experts.


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