Screens, curtains and mesh: How to divide a room using metal

Whether for functional or aesthetic reasons, dividing spaces is one of the most important considerations an architect has.

The right products used in the right environment can provide a room with the perfect sense of balance, and allow it to fulfill its desired purpose.

While you have many options when it comes to creating spacial divisions, in this article we're going to focus on one material in particular – metal.

We'll look at three different metal products and what makes them good for delineating different zones in one room.

Locker Group has metal products that can help you divide spaces. Delineating zones within a build is a key consideration for architects.

Metal mesh curtains

At Locker Group, we tailor-make our metal curtains from interconnected, uniquely shaped metal threads. You can then customise the materials and profiles to fit the desired environment of your project space.

The advantages that metal curtains offer as architectural room dividers are:

  • They're easily retractable: Mesh curtains can be installed on tracks, allowing them to be pulled out or stored away as required. This gives you options with your space – opening it up for grander events, or shutting it off to create smaller, more intimate zones.
  • They allow for air circulation: Air can pass easily through wire mesh curtains, so if they are installed permanently in a room, you don't need to worry about it becoming hot or stuffy.
  • They add a touch of sophistication: The sheen of stainless steel mesh curtains can add a real touch of class to a room, effortlessly combining aesthetics and function.
  • They bring texture too: Different profiles will create a variety of textures in an interior. You can also use them to create 3-D structures.
  • They don't block the light: Mesh curtains are the best of both worlds in that they provide privacy while still allowing ample light into a room.

With the ability to choose between stainless steel, bronze and aluminium wire mesh curtains, Locker Group has products to suit the style of any architectural project.

Metal mesh curtains can be installed on tracks and used to create different atmospheres in one space. Locker Group's metal mesh curtains can be customised to perfectly fit your project.

2. Perforated metal screens

If you're looking for something a little more substantial, a perforated metal screen could be the divider for you.

While often seen on building facades, perforated metal is perfect for use inside too. Again, the customisable nature of this product is among the top reasons for its consistent popularity with architects across Australia. Locker Group's production capabilities give you the power to make decisions on perforation size, shape and pattern. We can also create notches, folds and borders in bespoke metal sheets to meet your exact needs. Furthermore, our Pic Perf technology enables architects to create precise imagery using the perforations, creating a truly unique interior screen. 

Locker Group offers you an array of architectural room dividers, with customisable options in each.

On top of this, perforated metal is an especially environmentally friendly product. It offers similar benefits to metal mesh curtains in terms of light and air filtration, reducing the need for HVAC systems and additional electrical lighting in a space. In our manufacturing process, none of the metal punched out to make the perforations is wasted – the leftovers are collected and recycled. 

With a wide selection of metal substrates to choose from, you can create a screen that can perform any task or suit any background decor.

Locker Group's perforated metal is manufactured in an environmentally friendly way. Locker Group can manufacture perforated metal for all types of projects.

3. Expanded metal mesh

Expanded metal mesh is another product that lends itself well to space division applications.

Among the properties it brings to the table are:

  • Strength – The finished expanded metal product is stronger per metre than the sheet from which it originated.
  • Weight – Despite its strength, expanded metal mesh is extremely lightweight, making it easy to get into position.
  • Air and light circulation – Like both wire mesh curtains and perforated metal, expanded metal mesh allows for an easy circulation of light and air.
  • Privacy – By opting for a mesh with larger ribbon widths, you can effectively screen certain areas from view.

Locker Group's metal mesh, manufactured locally in Melbourne, can be tailored to provide the perfect privacy paneling for your build. We can tweak everything from the size and profile of the openings to different strand widths, meaning that every detail can fit seamlessly with your architectural briefs and the overall look you wish to create.

Hopefully this article has given you some inspiration on the different ways that metal products can be used to create beautiful and easy-to-use interior screens. For more information on any of the products described in this blog, get in touch with our friendly team of experts today.