Pic Perf

Locker’s image based facades are an innovative addition to our already extensive architectural catalogue. Your architectural designs are perforated into metal sheets to precise specifications, casting a striking visual statement. Use the sheets as moving artwork or custom-design them with your brand’s graphics in mind, and see the point where bold frontage aesthetics and innovative architecture meet – Locker Pic Perf facades are an artistic statement unto themselves.

How do Image based facades work?

These striking products are custom-made, using perforations to create long-lasting images in a variety of metals. Pic Perf can be installed in custom-designed metal facades, or used as balustrades, fencing or an innovative addition to walkways or interiors, providing a unique metallic textural finish that is tough and durable. They can be manufactured to any size, to fit internally or externally, with untreated or anodised/powder coated options, depending on application requirements. The facades come as a single metal panel, or can span multiple ones.

Image based facades can cover an entire building face while also providing a high open area for car park screening. Part of our ethos is ensuring that you always get a solution that suits your exact requirements. Discuss your needs with our expert team and we can manufacture a Pic Perf project unique to you. We tailor our designs to accommodate the ideal conditions for your application, with all technical factors considered. The amount of lighting the facade is exposed to, whether light is in front of or behind your metal panels and viewing distances all inform how we recreate the image to truly fit for your purpose. Words could also be incorporated into designs if desired, meaning there is no end to the interesting ways image based facades can be used.

Interesting designs using image based facades

The only limit to the design of your image based facade is your imagination. In creating signage, corporate logos and special features, Pic Perf could give your brand a graphic edge over competitors. Our new custom-designed Pic Perf Directions has further unlocked the doors of design potential, enabling us to use three dimensional crescents to create images or patterns.

Our clients have already made use of our innovative image based facades in their building designs. Across Australia and New Zealand, bold and striking perforations have been used in interesting ways to add meaning and texture to commercial architecture.