Atmosphere: Elevating Architectural Facades

Atmosphere by Webforge Locker offers a seamless and visually striking solution for architectural facades, blending functionality with aesthetics effortlessly. Our innovative system saves time and resources while providing effective solar shading and visual screening, fulfilling your design vision with ease.

How Atmosphere Works

Atmosphere facade panels boast a range of design options to meet diverse architectural specifications. Our patent-protected system features panels installed on tensioned stainless steel cables, tailored by our engineering team to suit your project’s unique requirements. Whether covering the entire building facade or installed sporadically, Atmosphere panels deliver both form and function seamlessly.

The Versatility of Atmosphere FX

Introducing Atmosphere FX, an extension of the Atmosphere system tailored for structures between 1 and 3 stories in height. With FX, traditional cables are replaced by the innovative FX extrusion, offering a fixing-free appearance and the flexibility to position panels anywhere vertically. Each installation is customized by our engineering team, with modular kits available for easy on-site assembly. Atmosphere FX seamlessly integrates with our direct-to-mullion and Aurora rail solutions, providing enhanced adaptability for your architectural projects.

Applications and Benefits

Atmosphere facades have been utilized in a myriad of architectural projects, providing efficient solar shading and maintaining an open-air feel. From car parks to commercial buildings, our panels offer energy-efficient solutions while enhancing visual appeal. Examples of Atmosphere’s applications can be found in our Project Gallery.

Expert Consultation

Our experienced team offers guidance on maximizing the potential of Atmosphere and Atmosphere FX for your specific project needs. Contact us today to learn more about how our architectural facades can elevate your next project.


The following data is based on analysis of the E1 panel, as performed by GHD, based on a typical curtain wall application for a typical office in Melbourne, Australia. Figures measure the average insolation levels at the façade, ie the reduction in energy hitting the building over a year. Estimated energy cost savings are available in the Atmosphere brochure.