Latrobe University Dining Hall

Project Name:

Latrobe Uni Dining Hall


Bendigo, VIC


Billard Leece Partnership


Facade / Balustrade


3mm Aluminium perforated panels 12.7mm dia holes


Rob Burnett

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The architectural team at Billard Leece had a vision for a clean and sophisticated metal finish product that would provide opposing textural elements to the Dining Hall of the Latrobe University Bendigo campus. The intent was to utilize one finish across a number of different planes to provide a seamless and sharp finish across the project.

Perforated metal was chosen as the ideal substrate to provide shade and allow natural light to flow through.


The angle and shape of the façade that surrounds two faces of the dining hall, provided a challenge for both Locker Group and the fabricator. As opposed to a traditional face fixing method, the team developed a system where cleats were used to mount the perforated panels to the supporting RHS structure.

Despite the sharp folds and angles, the finish aimed to appear smooth and clean, so each perforated panel was individually folded to fit cleanly with the supports behind it. Given the geometric nature of the design, hardly any panels incorporated a 90 degree angle. Each façade had to be matched and measured specifically, so the connecting point of folded boarder met seamlessly with the cleats.

Perforated metal panels were also utilized to cover the external walkway enveloping the dining hall, these were face fixed at a distance to the right angled sheet structure, providing an industrial feel.


The sleek appearance of the perforated balustrade, façade and external ceiling panels provides a chic industrial appeal to the regional campus.

The balustrade provides protection for alfresco dining, students can eat and study while protected from harsh glare.. The façade protects internal diners from the heat during summer, but allows a warm winter sun to infuse the space during the cold winter months.

Perforated panels installed horizontally around the building provide shading protection for students and staff.

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