Wire mesh can bring a building to life, add depth and cut down on energy costs.

Why wire mesh is a breakout architectural design

Windows don't provide enough sun protection for your outdoor/indoor space, but you want natural light — without worrying about constantly cleaning curtains. Wire mesh could be your fix-all solution, while adding a tinge of stylistic flair to your architecture.

Keep reading to learn why architectural mesh is the breakout architectural material you should use in your next project.

Wire mesh should be considered as part of your next architectural design.Wire mesh should be considered as part of your next architectural design.

Components of wire mesh

Architectural wire mesh is also referred to as architectural wire cloth. This material is factory-made with woven wire to form uniform, parallel spaces and symmetrical gaps. It can be made with a variety of materials, but Locker uses low-carbon steel, high-carbon steel and nickel.

Decorative mesh provides design professionals with the perfect combination of style and function. It can both separate one area from another, like a wall, and allow natural airflow and light through a space, like a window with curtains.

Wire mesh is a versatile material that offers a wide range of exterior and interior applications while lending itself to timeless elegance and a modern appearance. 

Types of wire mesh products

Metal woven wire can add beautiful elements to your building. From car parks to cladding, enclosures and balustrades, wire mesh has a multifaceted look that can fit into any project. It is perfect for outdoor uses because of its durability in the face of extreme weather conditions and resistance to corrosion. This material is easy to maintain and can be customized to reduce metal waste.

Fences and enclosures

Designing an outdoor space with this adaptable material is easy and can bring a building to life. Layer the woven wire to create a rippled effect or manipulate it into a shape that aligns with the architectural design vision. Wire mesh can be used around pools, playgrounds, sports venues and many other structures that utilise safety and security fencing.

The Juliette Cycleway Overpass Bridge, highlighted in our 2019 LookBook, used powder-coated woven wire throughout the pedestrian path to provide protection for visitors and add an interesting, colourful design element to the area. We used inter-crimped wire to improve the locking tightness and fencing rigidity.

Facade cladding

Wrap the entire exterior of a building facade or just a few sides of it with cable metal mesh to protect the building from environmental exposure while changing its presentation. Cladding is not used for the wall itself but as an added "coat" in front of the wall. This creates incredible depth and uniqueness. This is a great use for offices, lobbies and even elevators to improve the look of otherwise ordinary spaces.

In 2018, we worked with architect Hansen Yuncken to design a wire mesh curtain, mentioned in our 2018 LookBook, along the central facade of the Monash University Caulfield campus' library. It created a truly inspiring enhancement to the space that provided shade for the students inside without making them feel locked away from the outdoors.


YYou can use wire mesh for function as well. An infill panel can work in tandem with your railing system. You can create a protective barrier to fill the large open area for pedestrians while directing high trafficked areas. The railing contributes to the overall aesthetic of the area while maintaining transparency.


Want to increase the high visibility properties of an outdoor space while maintaining airflow? Give pedestrians and visitors a chance to experience the outdoors with an architectural wire mesh canopy. You can easily manipulate the material to construct a fascinating design element while creating shade and shelter. Architectural canopies create a sense of playfulness or luxury to a space that can be a point of interest for the overall design.

Custom ceilings

If you're ready to impress and inspire onlookers, use wire mesh in your next project. Modern design has created a path for wire mesh to add a sense of luxury to ceiling style. It can add texture, vastness or intimacy to a space as it works seamlessly with various lighting and privacy needs.

2018 was the year of wire mesh. We worked with Futurespace to help develop a woven wire mesh ceiling project. It was used to form a ribbon along the ceiling that would break the mould of what a professional building "should" look like. Without sacrificing any metal, we developed a material that would support the aesthetic of the space, as well as ideal conditions for visual and acoustic considerations. 

If you're looking to add more interesting elements to your project, reach out to a Locker professional today to get started. We provide custom builds, colours and materials that can work with the architectural intent of your project.

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