Transit curtains are a popular choice for screening, facades, medium security panels, space delineation, and internal continuous balustrade panelling.

Locker Group wire mesh curtains are an ideal way to add texture or character to a room. They can be used to define smaller spaces within an open expanse, while allowing the light and air to flow through almost unrestricted. Drape the curtains from the ceiling to hide ducts and electrical amenities or use them as an external facade or internal balustrade.Curtains can be installed in either a tensioned, fixed format or on curtain tracks which allows the designer the flexibility to adjust the space, and add different lighting in order to change the outlook and feel of a space instantly.

Transit curtains can be manufactured in Stainless Steel, Brass or Galvanised steel. In addition, the range of wire profiles and thicknesses, plus weave options is considerable.



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