Technical Data Sheets


Extractive – Screening Media Belts
PDF LEX-100.4 Heavy Screen Edges/ Hooks PDF LB-100.4 Rolmat & Uniflex
PDF LEX-101.3 How to order Heavy Screens PDF LB-102.2 Installation Instructions for Rolmat Clenched
PDF LEX-102.3 Screening Options PDF LB-110.3 Flex Grid
PDF LEX-103.3 Polyurethane Cross Tensioned Screencloth PDF LB-120.4 Unigrid & Spiragrid
PDF LEX-107.3 Screencloth Specifications PDF LB-200.4 Installation Instructions
PDF LEX-108.3 Spray Nozzles PDF LB-201.3 Belt Specification Questionnaire
PDF LEX-109.5 Capping Rubber PDF LB-202.3 High Temp Installation & Operation
PDF LEX-110.3 Polyurethane Trommel PDF LB-203.3 Unigrid / Spiragrid Belts
PDF LEX-111.3 Polyurethane Sieve Bends PDF LB-204.3 Chain Drive Installation & Operation
PDF LEX-112.3 Rubber Wear Liners PDF LB-205.1 Belt Specs – One Directional
PDF LEX-113.3 Rubber Cross Tension PDF LB-206.3 Food Grade Belts
PDF LEX-114.3 Wedgewire  pdf icon LB-150.1 Unico Belts
PDF LEX-115.3 Moulded Panel System Perforated
PDF LEX-116.3 Poly Ripple PDF
PDF LEX-117.3 Split Poly Ripple PDF LP-101.4 Perforated Metal Orientation
PDF LEX-118.3 Wire Ripple PDF LP-102.3 Safe-T-Perf Load Tables
PDF LEX-119.3 Piano Wire PDF LP-103.2 Stock Perforated Weights
PDF LEX-120.3 Dust Sealing Rubber Components PDF LP-104.3 Custom-Perforating-Capabilities
PDF LEX-121.3 Perfmetal Mining Screencloths PDF LP-105.3 Pic Perf
PDF LEX-123.3 Cross Tension Installation Guide PDF LP-106.1 Perforated Material & Coatings Information
PDF LEX-124.3 Screen Attachment Accessories PDF
PDF LEX-125.3 Wire Woven Slotted PDF LP-107.1 Perforated Standards Tolerance
PDF LEX-126.2 Slide Clamps & bolts PDF LS-101.3 Supermesh DVA
PDF LEX-127.3 Jumping Screens PDF LS-100.3 Security Door
PDF LEX-128.2 How to measure screencloth
PDF LEX-129.3 Skirting Rubber PDF LE-100.4 Expanded Metal Comparisons
PDF LE-400.0 Flattening Specifications 
Wire PDF LE-401.0 Met Edge Trim
PDF LW-105.3 Pig Flooring
PDF LW-106.3 Sheep Flooring Design
PDF LW-122.3 Stainless Steel Car and Maintenance PDF LD-100.3 Design Considerations
pdf icon LW-124.1 How to Specify Wire PDF LD-101.3 Anodising Aluminium
Industrial Flooring PDF LD-102.2 Arch Mesh Specs
PDF LIF-101.3 Grating Comparisons PDF LD-103.4 Powder Coating
PDF LIF-102.3 Gripspan and Shurgrip Overview
PDF LIF-103.3 Safe Flooring Meets Australian Standards  
PDF LIF-104.1 Self Closing Handrail Gates Atmosphere
pdf icon LF-100.1 FRP Grating Load Tables PDF LA-100.1 Atmosphere FAQs
pdf icon LIF-105.1 Walkway Slip Resistance PDF LA-101.1 Green Government Initiatives
pdf icon
Fixing Systems
PDF LF-1.0 Angle Fixing System
PDF LF-2.0 Flat Fixing System
PDF LF-3.0 Cap Fixing
PDF LF-4.3 Spigot Fixing
PDF LF-5.1 Tension System
PDF LF-5.2 Tension System
PDF LF-5.3 Tension System
PDF LF-7.0 Curtain System
PDF LF-11.0 Perf Isolator System

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