Perforating offers a myriad of design options; hole size, shape and pattern are now enhanced with Locker Group’s 3 dimensional profiles, such as DragonscaleTM and Pic Perf Directions TM. Locker continues to push design boundaries, with new profiles and adaptations designed for specific projects.

Locker Group can perforate in almost any material, including; Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Mild Steel, Corten, Titanium, Copper, Brass, Alloys and Polypropylene.

Depending on your desired outcome, perforated panels can be anodised, powder coated, electro plated or simply left to patina.

Custom manufactured perforated metal allows you to build borders into your sheets, or customised folds, notches and bespoke sheet shapes. The possibilities are endless.

Locker Group has a vast library of tools to select from, plus we can customise a tool to perforate a unique shape, held for your use only, or create a unique pattern using existing tools by skipping alternate punches.
Talk to your sales consultant about your objectives and we’ll assist you in achieving your brief.


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