The Atmosphere façade system is a popular solution in both the architectural and design and construct space.  Its superior constructability allows Atmosphere to be installed quickly, saving valuable time and money on site.

Atmosphere can be designed with a myriad of panel options, profiles, open area and image are all available in the designer’s pallet.  Panels can be installed sporadically across the face of the building envelope, providing a combination of light and shading.



The following data is based on analysis of the E1 panel, as performed by GHD, based on a typical curtain wall application for a typical office in Melbourne, Australia.
Figures measure the average insolation levels at the façade, ie the reduction in energy hitting the building over a year.Estimated energy cost savings are available in the
Atmosphere brochure.
Facade Action Irradiation Reduction
North No shading Device 1,350,242 Wh/m2
With Atmosphere 297,796 Wh/m2 77.9%
South No shading Device 546,876 Wh/m2
With Atmosphere 188,322 Wh/m2 65.6%
East No shading Device 2951,412 Wh/m2
With Atmosphere 243,509 Wh/m2 74.4%
West No shading Device 946,673 Wh/m2
With Atmosphere 255,468 Wh/m2 73.0%


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