A powder coating on raw stainless steel provides extra protection.

How to utilise perforated stainless steel sheet metal

Perforated metal is used for more than just a screen or ventilation for your computer tower (although it's great for these uses too). Stainless steel perforated metal can define a space with unique designs, patterns and placements in a way that other sheet metal cannot.

Read on to learn more about how to best utilise stainless steel perforated panels in both commercial and industrial spaces.

Perforated metal can design a space such as a car park facade.Perforated metal can design a space such as a car park facade.

Stainless steel perforated panels: A quick breakdown

Metal panel perforation can be found on park benches, playgrounds, building facades and more. Stainless steel is corrosion resistant, but it is not corrosion proof. Powder coating for stainless steel increases its corrosion resistance and is more commonly found rather than raw material. The powder can come in different colours which add additional design elements to the metal depending on the project. No matter what design path you take, this mesh-like metal sheet can add value to any project.

Perforation has a unique quality that can both divide space and keep an area open enough to see through on the other side.

Perforated stainless steel has been used for both commercial and residential spaces to offer a distinct light filtration. The perforation can cast a shadow across a surface that creates glimmering light beams and shapes — truly beautifying an otherwise blank surface using just sunshine or a well-placed light fixture.

The holes can be any variation of size and shape to incorporate idiosyncratic design elements. Keeping in mind, however, with a bigger hole size, the thickness of the stainless steel sheet needs to be increased as well.

Things to consider for stainless steel panels

Every space has its own list of things to consider when building such as air filtration, maintenance, durability and more. Perforated sheet metal can accommodate many items on your list so, if you're thinking of using this material, here are a few things to consider:

Commercial uses

Perforated stainless steel is a great option for architects looking to save on materials while making a space more attractive. The reason for this is that stainless steel is typically an affordable metal to build with.

Stainless steel is known for its resistance to bacteria and pathogens as well. It's easy to clean and makes a space that would, for example, be used in a playground, more sanitary. When it comes down to maintenance costs in the long term, how easy it is to clean a surface could be on your list of considerations.

Function is certainly a priority but design is also an important consideration with perforated metal.

Perforated stainless steel sheet metal has made its way into the architectural space because of its interesting aesthetic. It's a smooth material, typically a shiny silver colour and you can vary the size of the holes depending on the sheet thickness.

Industrial cases

Industrial spaces use perforated stainless steel for its functional benefits as well. It can be used as a filter, a platform, for ventilation or more.

Any project can benefit from a stainless steel perforated sheet's durability. Whether used as a platform or holding up against an entire year's worth of snow, stainless steel is one of the strongest types of sheet metal on the market.

If used for outdoor purposes, industrial builds need to depend on a metal's resistance to corrosion. When used as a facade on a building or as a partial shade cover in a park, stainless steel can help cut down on maintenance or replacement costs.

To top it all off, stainless steel is also recyclable. When the inevitable upgrade happens, stainless steel doesn't need to be thrown into the dumpster to sit for thousands of years. Instead, it can be repurposed or reused somewhere else, making it a highly sustainable option.

Utilising perforated stainless steel sheet metal

Developing a space using stainless steel panels can help you bring in a number of unique design elements that could either blend an area together or define the vibe of an entire block.

There are many ways to use stainless steel perforated panels from functional to design; but if you take into consideration all of its uses, you can get the most out of this sheet metal type.

When you partner with Locker, there is no limit to what you can do with perforated metal because we provide both custom and standard panels to work with your designed vision. Contact us today to get started.

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