Industrial Expanded

The expanded metal process takes regular steel or aluminium and expands it into a diamond pattern, making it stronger, lighter and more rigid than it was before. Made in our Australian manufacturing facility.

Tough, unyielding and cost-effective, the ‘large mesh’ range sets the standard in expanded metal solutions. The small mesh range is a comprehensive class of fine, expanded metal meshes for use in applications such as fire-screens, filters, guards and security doors.

Agricultural expanded metal is ideal in rural settings for fencing and security.

Super-rib mesh is used throughout the building industry to assist in strengthening construction materials.

Webforge Locker produces expanded metal from mild, stainless and galvanised steel; corrosion resistant aluminium.  Depending on the profile chosen expanded mesh can be flattened to suit your application.

Expanded security mesh offers an ideal fencing solution for high-security environments. Developed in conjunction with the New South Wales Department of Corrective Services, this mesh is used to safe-guard facilities throughout Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.  Anti-climb features such as the small diamond cut and the ability to add cowling or razor tape, work to prohibit even the most resourceful attempts at escape or infiltration.

More cost-effective than concrete, this product utilises the best available strength to weight ratio and comes with the inherent strength of Lockers expanded steel range. Unlike some fencing it won’t fray or unravel, slashing maintenance costs.

Manufactured specifically for the application, you can rely on Locker security mesh and fencing to perform in the most critical implementations in high-security practice.

Uses of Security Mesh include;

  • Prison Security Fencing
  • Balustrade Panels
  • Car Park Enclosures

*Raw edges must be covered or framed