Chelsea Station: Perforated and expanded metal charm

The Victoria state government turned to Locker to help them manufacture the perfect metal screening for Chelsea Station that would carry throughout the length of the platform. With varying sizes, designs and considerations for the project, we could offer an all-in-one solution that met all of the client's needs.

Let's explore the details of this project to uncover why the mixture of perforated and expanded metal panels was the perfect answer to this project.

Breezy and intricate, each panel of this train station walkway has its own unique design. Breezy and intricate, each panel of this train station walkway has its own unique design.

The project scope

The Chelsea Station is located on the Frankston line, which serves the greater suburban Melbourne area. Established in 1907, the station has seen many people, changes and upgrades. As part of a greater project to improve the railroad line, this design was poised to establish Chelsea as the lead in innovation, safety and intrigue.

The client came to us with a fairly simple need: to give the Chelsea Station a facelift with new screens for the walkways, awnings and fences. Design for the railway had to be cohesive throughout and the project had to offer both wind ventilation and space for pedestrians to see the space around them. The colours were chosen by the client to work with the aesthetic already in play in the area.

Perforation is important in metal panelling at a railway station because commuters need to see the environment around them. When a train is coming in, they need to see which line to look for. Additionally, the holes in perforated panels act as a way for the breeze to come through and keep the space cool. A hot day with steaming machinery rushing past is a recipe for disaster without any space for the wind to come through.

In terms of materials and necessity, aluminium was the metal of choice for this project. It has incredible malleability for both perforation and expanded metal while maintaining its shape no matter the weather. It's virtually maintenance-free because of its resistance to corrosion.

Our unique approach

Working with our client, we decided to make a completely original and unique screening design. The aesthetic cladding stretched along the ramps, platforms and the pedestrian bridge, so we had a lot of space to work with a design idea.

We worked on over 650 individual drawing drafts — all programmed by Locker — before deciding on positioning the round holes at varying slot sizes, placed completely randomly. The Locker team was able to employ special coding techniques on Pic Perf to develop a new crypto pattern with slots and round holes together.

The materials we used included:

  • R25448
  • R03240
  • R03240
  • R25448
  • R06440 (Eclipse 600)

Around 742 screens were perforated, and a majority were folded and branded with fixing holes to complete the project. The longest sheet produced was over 4.80 metres high along the ramp.

Two aluminium grades were used — 5052 H32 and 5005 H34 — which have medium to high alloy strength. These aluminium grades are more resistant to change to marine and industrial atmospheres — making them perfect for longevity. Another quality that made the grade level perfect was that these types have the ability for a tight radius while bending, making them perfect for sheet metal work.

The outcome of the project

We have manufacturing locations across Australia. This project was developed right in the client's backyard in Victoria. As a general rule of kind business practices, we ensured that each piece of the final product was preassembled and could still be transported to the worksite. Each piece is laid in order so the client can assemble the product with ease, devoid of last-minute complications.

The result of the hard work of both teams is a cohesive design for all of the pedestrians rolling into Chelsea Station. The colours invite a sense of breachy relaxation, where the holes and slots work together to create the look of a shimmering sea.

With Chelsea Beach and Victory Park just kilometres away, a lengthy commute makes pedestrians that much closer to paradise at Chelsea Station.

Locker is your perforation and expanded metal specialist

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From perforated and expanded to woven or spiralled wire, we can help you create something unique that meets the needs of your project. All of our metals are manufactured and sourced in Australia so you can trust in the quality of the product and the service. Reach out to a Locker professional to learn more about our products and services.