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For Australian mines to remain competitive, they need to use products that are reliable and promote safety. This is why Locker Group is committed to supplying Australian mines with dependable tools for any operation.

If miners cannot rely on the products they use, their operations will suffer. They need stability and strength in the components that serve as the foundation of every mining operation.

That's the driving principle behind our range of screening media, walkway grating, handrails and a wide selection of accessories. We've developed products to serve as the foundation of every mining operation, and as such, they must be developed in a manner that ensures stability.

Screening selection

Customisation is at the forefront of our services. If your mine has certain requirements, then we'll design screening media that fits that criteria. In addition, we can produce like-for-like replacement screen panels.

We provide two types of screen products: rubber and polyurethane. Our developers have found that these materials yield different benefits, which prompted us to leverage them for various use cases.

Our polyurethane solutions range from injection-moulded poly panels to open-cast poly screen mats. We also produce cross-tensioned mats, trommel screen panels and a range of fixing systems.

As for rubber screening products, we offer customers everything between moulded rubber panels and rubber trommel screens. We've found that rubber-based solutions are often beneficial for mining operations that require  high moisture dry screen applications.

Gratings and walkways

Safety is a concern throughout every mining operation. Acknowledging this consideration, we've invested our time and resources in developing sturdy, no-risk walking assets.

For instance, our Gridforge Grating can be used on plant platforms, catwalks, scaffolding and roof walkways as well as stair treads to prevent slipping. Offered in numerous sizes and treads, this product can be fabricated to fit different customer needs.

To complement Gridforge Grating, we've designed a variety of handrails to further bolster site security. Included in this product line are untreated and galvanised renditions, both of which are low maintenance and easy to install.

Accessories may be treated as an afterthought, but operations still require them. Our catalogue includes newly designed lightweight side liners, poly wedges, fixing rails, spray nozzles, panel fixing pins, wear liners and blank impact panels.

The Locker Group difference

When procuring mining products, it's important to work with professionals who understand the nature of your business.

Because of this necessity, our mining product developers are committed to staying in the know of industry developments and requirements. Their responsibilities include researching the screening process and understanding how mining operations differ by site.

The main goal is to determine how we can design products that not only build strong foundations for mining operations, but are also easy to use. With our commitment to minimise downtime, improve safety and increase screening efficiency, you can rest easy knowing you're in good hands. Our passion for innovative design is matched only by our devotion to serving your needs.

With education comes execution, and to do so we utilise state-of-the-art machinery and tooling facilities that uphold the quality of our mining solutions.

To ensure customers can easily access our expertise and resources, our sales offices and manufacturing facilities are located throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia. This strategic placement boosts our ability to accommodate mines.

If you have any questions regarding our products and how they can positively impact your operations, speak with one of our representatives.