Conveyor Belts

Locker Group’s conveyor belting includes woven wire, rolmat, spiral, plastic and plastic hybrid belts to suit any conveyor application. Use it to convey glass, metals and industrial products, even food, through furnaces and ovens: any hot or cool environment.

Manufactured to any width or length, Locker Group’s metal belting withstands temperatures as cold as -250°C and as high as 1200°C. Assembled in sections for easy maintenance, Locker Group belts can be custom designed for all drive needs and requirements.

Depending on the application, belts are made from materials including quality nickel alloy, and stainless or carbon steel.

Spiral Wire

The range of spiral wire belts are used through a variety of industries from food processing to heat treatment. The woven wire range includes: Balance, Gratex, Cormel, Duplex, Chain Driven, Lehr, Baking Bands, and One Directional belts.

Lo Tension

The range of Lo tension belts have the ability to negotiate curves and straight runs, eliminating the need for transfers. These belts also operate in an extended range of temperatures.


Rolmat is a popular conveying medium for a large variety of applications. The belts provide a flat conveying surface with maximum open area for free air and/or water flow. Rolmat belts are the most popular choice for food manufacturers as they overcome tracking errors, and belt/pulley slip, while also providing a very flat even surface, minimising wear and tear.


The Unigrid and Spiragrid belts can change direction and travel along different planes, hence they can be used to replace several separate conventional units, each with their own drive and transfer systems.


Flex-grid conveyor belts are constructed using parallel wires for both straight-line and turn conveyor applications. Flex-grid belts are ideal for lightweight products such as baking bread.


Uniflex belting is a sprocket driven wire mesh belt generally used in applications requiring a very tight transfer radius with high open area.



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