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General industrial

No matter what industry you're working in, Locker Group can provide premium products that support a variety of tasks, from heat filtering to liquid straining. such as security doors.
Locker Group understands your need for premium-quality general industrial products and offers a variety of items to be used across various industries and applications. Whether it’s filtering and heat transfer or catching, trapping and straining, we’re committed to providing first-rate products and service to every corner of the industrial market.

While energy production, food processing, chemical manufacturing and other similar processes all fall under the umbrella of industrial operations, each environment requires a different set of solutions.

Thats why we at Locker Group cater our services to fit the needs of individual customers. A diverse product line and flexible manufacturing capabilities enable us to deliver systems designed for specific purposes.

Whether you require products to assist with sound control, draining, germination, storing, shading or anything in between, know that you can turn to us for your general indsutrial needs.

Expanding capabilities

Through the expanded metal line, we've manipulated steel to make it stronger, lighter and more economic than its basic form. Diamond patterning reinforces this alloy's durability and enables us to fabricate a variety of finished products. Fire screens, filters and guards are just three items made from this system.

Expanded metal's vitality makes it perfect for security. The design prevents climbing, and cowling or razor wire can be added to increase facility defences.

Steel isn't the only metal we used to manufacture this line. Expanded metal can be produced from aluminium, stainless steel and nickel alloys, among others.

Safety guaranteed

Companies concerned about workplace safety will benefit from installing Safe-T-Perf throughout their facilities. Specifically engineered to reduce slipping, this perforated metal solution makes for fantastic walkways, platforms and planks.

How does Safe-T-Perf decrease risk for accidents? Drainage holes prevent moisture from building up on the surface, reducing the metal's exposure to moisture, which can lead to degradation. Overall, this product is corrosion resistant, easy to install and produced from steel, aluminium or stainless steel.

Perforated products

Those searching for perforated metal solutions should look no further than Locker Group, as we're the largest manufacturer of such products throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Our capabilities enable us to have general industrial patterns and profiles in stock that will meet the specific requirements of different applications, no matter the details. Pre-made hole patterns include square, slotted, flanged and hexagonal.

In addition, we've integrated flexibility into how we conduct business. This means we can fabricate any custom design you need.

Supporting transport

Conveyor belting solutions must ensure even the most sensitive items can be transported quickly and safely. As no single material is capable of accommodating every production process, we offer conveyor belting products in woven wire, rolmat, spiral, plastic and plastic hybrid.

These products wouldn't be reliable if they couldn't withstand the elements typically found in manufacturing plants. For this reason, we've developed our metal belting to withstand temperatures as cold as -250 degrees Celsius and as high as 1200 degrees Celsius.

For other projects

To help companies undertaking in-house initiatives, we offer a wide range of gauze and mesh products in woven or welded wire.

No matter the roll or sheet size you need, we're on hand to provide mesh and gauze to suit projects as required. This includes providing our customers with a range of materials, such as steel and brass, as well as offering value-added services like punching discs and filters, forming and slit mesh.

The Locker Group difference 

We are committed to setting ourselves apart from the competition with quality products that can be tailored to suit your specific industry requirements.

Regardless of your general industrial needs, Locker Group will go above and beyond to provide you with products that will enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

With manufacturing facilities and sales offices throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia, taking advantage of our years of experience, innovative design and dedication to quality is easy. If you want to learn more about our capabilities, don’t hesitate to give us a call or shoot us an email.