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Introducing Tufflex flexible poly coated screens to our screening media range, which also includes poly ripple screens, split poly ripple, poly cross tension and modular polyurethane panels.

Tufflex screens are made with polyurethan coated wire and synthetic rope, either fully or partially welded. Partially welded Tufflex screens are only welded at every 5th crossing point, providing extra flexibility to prevent pegging issues. Tufflex screens are light and easy to manoeuvre reducing the OH&S risks associated with traditional wire screens. In addition they offer up to 2 times wear  life, depending on application.

Polyurethane cross tension screens are ideal for wet and sticky applications and offer high abrasion resistance. A multitude of moulded tapered apertures are available.

Poly ripple and wire ripple screens offer high open area combined with reduced pegging and blinding, given the inbuilt flexibility within the screen. Wires are able to move within the screen allowing particles to pass through, rather than blocking the aperture. The addition of polyurethane to the ripple screen improves its wear life.

Poly modular screen panels offer the benefits of polyurethane wear resistance combined in a light weight system which reduces maintenance and downtime.

Locker Group offers polyurethane trommels to suit your Mill or Scrubber in a standard cylindrical configuration or polygon style using our proven pin fixing system. All of our trommel panels are individually designed to suit your application.






Each of the following polyurethane screening options offers different benefits, selected based on the specific conditions of the site.

Polyripple Screens:
  • Ideal for applications where pegging and blinding have been an issue
  • Locker Group offers poly ripple screens with or without intermediates depending on the strength required in the application
Poly Cross Tension Mats:
  • No deck modification required from woven wire screens
  • Chemical resistance
  • Reduced pegging and blinding
  • Over 2 times wear life compared to traditional wire screens
  • Reduced  OH&S risks due to light weight and smooth finish
  • Greater screening efficiency and productivity, through reduced blinding
  • Quieter operation
Poly Modular
  • OH&S benefits, light and easy to manoeuvre panels
  • Increased wear life
  • Replace only damaged panels, not entire screen
  • Increased open area
  • Available in various configurations
Screening Materials
Screening Materials

Screening Materials

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