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Locker Group has dedicated itself to providing customers with a variety of tools and instruments that bolster quarrying effectiveness by reducing hiccups and supporting fluidity.
At Locker Group, we believe the material we use to manufacture our solutions will have a direct impact on the success of quarrying operations. We also recognise that quarries extract a variety of minerals, from large rocks to sand.
This is why we offer screening media made from polyurethane, rubber and wire. From there, tension mats can be further adjusted to establish optimal screening environments.

Poly products

Our polyurethane products include poly ripple screens, split poly ripple, poly cross tension and modular poly panels.

In addition, Locker Group can provide poly trommels to fit your mill or scrubber in a standard cylindrical configuration or polygon style using our proven pin fixing system. These trommels are individually designed to suit your specific requirements.

Rubber options

If you're seeking rubber tension mats for high-frequency screens with longitudinal support bars, we can provide you with a number of choices. These are offered in addition to our rubber cross tension screens and moulded rubber screens.

Our rubber wear lines are tailored to reduce impact on supporting structures, lessen maintenance and downtime for equipment, cut down on noise and increase the wear life of plant and machinery.

Woven wire

Our woven wire screens are manufactured in either high-tensile steel or stainless steel and come in both plain and intercrimp profiles. We can also accommodate specific weave patterns, such as square, rectangular and double or triple shute.

We're aware that quarrying operations may be similar, but procedures vary in some cases. Because of this, we're willing to tailor our screens according to individual processes.

Locker Group features an extensive range of "slab" woven screens that can be cut and hooked to suit your circumstances. We've selected our stock profiles based on customer preferences and local conditions to minimise downtime and ensure screens are shipped and ready for installation as quickly as possible.

Going mobile

Quarrying work sometimes requires innovative solutions, such as mobile screening. This is why Locker Group has created a database containing all of the popular mobile screening equipment utilised in Australia and New Zealand.

This information can be invaluable for quarry operations that need mobile screening and includes detailed information regarding the number of decks and screens, as well as manufacturer specifications.

Accommodating screens

In practice, screening media is just one component of quarrying. For this reason, we offer a variety of accessories, including:

  • capping rubber
  • grip strip
  • dust sealing rubber components
  • side clamp accessories
  • skirting rubber
  • poly spray nozzles

The Locker Group difference

Our product design teams have decades of experience accommodating the quarrying industry, and they continue to expand their knowledge of the sector.

We're well-aware that even the smallest components can have a residual impact on a quarry's success. This is why we strive to develop premium solutions professionals can rely on.

Supporting this mission requires us to accommodate customers in whatever way possible. This means tailoring our screening products to fit their operations. No matter the size, shape or type of screening you need, we can meet your specifications.

With manufacturing facilities and sales offices throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia, it's easy to take advantage of our assortment of high-quality products. Speak with one of our representatives if you want to know more about how we assist the quarrying industry.