Webforge FRP features a gritty non-skid surface as a standard feature.

Why FRP grating is so versatile

The right grating is vital for a safe and productive facility.

Businesses have to contend with a wide range of factors when it comes to the flooring that literally and figuratively supports their operations. Strong, dependable weight-bearing properties are crucial. Resistance to physical, chemical and other types of corrosion must be carefully considered. Limiting the effects of accidental or inadvertent electrical discharge is another central concern. General durability and resistance to wear and tear has to be considered as well.

What kind of grating can fit the bill for the many demands of modern industrial facilities? Fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) – also sometimes called fibreglass reinforced plastic – is often the answer.

FRP grating used in an outdoor industrial facility.FRP grating reliably supports a variety of industrial applications and needs.

What is FRP?

FRP brings together two core substances that support and strengthen each other when properly designed and fabricated: Plastic and fibre reinforcements. The strength of FRP is recognised and utilised in many different industries, from aerospace and automotive to construction and boat building. Its use in ballistic armour by militaries and security forces is especially notable in terms of demonstrating FRP's strength, resilience and durability.

While a range of fibre reinforcements can be used depending on specific applications, FRP is generally constructed using fibreglass. This is a cost-effective alternative to carbon fibre and doesn't sacrifice the key attributes that are so important when used as as grating in an industrial context.

The fibre reinforcements used to formulate FRP provides additional strength to the final product while also boosting elasticity. This means FRP is better able to consistently support loads and distribute that weight without permanently deforming, cracking or otherwise breaking. When it comes to safe flooring and grating, this is an especially important concern.

FRP has existed in one form or another since the early 20th century. Initial development occurred in the 1930s, driven in part by the growing use and clear potential of the aviation industry. Years of improvement and fine-tuning led to widespread FRP manufacturing by the 1950s. More options and further positive changes and additions to the process have occurred since, with the current product proving even more dependable and useful in a variety of use cases.

Why is FRP so versatile?

FRP's versatility is clear when considering the many applications where it plays a critical role. When it comes to industrial flooring and grating applications specifically, there are a few key considerations to assess.

Customisability to meet individual needs

FRP grating can be can be produced on a standardised basis, addressing many common needs for high-strength flooring in industrial applications. It can also be fabricated according to custom specifications, allowing businesses to ensure each and every walkway and other grating application can be effectively addressed no matter the details.

While customisability is a common benefit across many types of industrial flooring, combining it with the many more distinct advantages of FRP makes this grating especially attractive for industrial facilities.

High strength and dependability

The strength of industrial flooring is one of its most important attributes. Businesses need grating that can support the specific processes and workflows that occur within a facility on a daily basis. By using glass fibre to enhance the plastic, FRP can offer higher strength than is seen in a variety of metal grating types.

The exceptional load-bearing ability of FRP comes from the substances used to form it as well as its design. The standard grid structure helps distribute loads across a wider surface area, reducing the stress on any given point.

The right flooring means individual staff members and the company as a whole can both be more confident in the ability of the grating to offer safe, dependable surface in the long term.

Durability and ease of maintenance

Strength is critical for industrial grating, but it can only go so far if the material used regularly requires intensive maintenance and replacement. It's much easier to select and use a type of grating that can provide the needed support as well as reduce the time, effort and spending associated with repair efforts.

The process used to create FRP offers superior durability, both in terms of the strength of the final product and the general lack of complicated upkeep. FRP grating is produced in large, single pieces, which reduces opportunities for wear and tear in fasteners and similar hardware used to connect or link other types of grating together. This makes it simple to maintain – occasional cleaning may be all that's required for many years of use.

Resistance to corrosion and deterioration

FRP's resistance to the effects of chemical corrosion makes it uniquely suited to many industrial applications where other materials can be damaged and degrade in a significantly shorter period of time. It is similarly resistant to damage caused by exposure to the elements. While no substance is totally resistant to every form of corrosion, FRP offers excellent all-around durability in this context. When businesses choose to use FRP grating, they can be confident that its long life span won't be drastically shortened by chemical splashing, contact with vapours and similar concerns.

Slip resistance and ease of clearing debris

Debris can cause a variety of slip and fall hazards in industrial areas. FRP's standard construction includes 70% open surface area, allowing liquids and small objects to easily fall through and remove themselves as potential obstacles or causes of an accident.

Similarly, general slip resistance is a core need for a safe workplace. The anti-skid surfacing used in Webforge FRP grating helps workers stay safe and on their feet in all conditions.

Finding the best partner for your FRP needs

FRP grating plays a foundational role for many industrial facilities. Your business needs a dependable, proven partner to supply this grating and ensure that it's fit for installation and use. To learn more about Webforge's FRP production process and make an order, get in touch with our team today.

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