Wire mesh has far more applications than only architecture.

What can wire mesh do for my business?

Wire mesh, whether welded or woven, is a versatile and broadly useful material for many distinct industrial applications.

When it comes to wire mesh, durability is a powerful benefit. A wide range of stock is offered in various materials and many different roll and sheet sizes, with nonstandard sheets available by custom order. The flexibility in type means there's likely a stock wire mesh already on hand to help address your business's needs. If there isn't, the expert team at Locker is ready, willing and able to support your goals.

Wondering if there's a useful application of wire mesh that you may have overlooked for your business, or simply want to find out more about this versatile material? Keep reading to learn about wire mesh's many applications.

Bushfire mesh

Lightning, seasonal changes in weather and more factors combine to create conditions that start and support the spread of bushfires, Geoscience Australia explained. These fires are part of the natural environment, which means protective efforts are often focused on limiting the risk to people and assets that could potentially be harmed by the blaze and its many side effects, such as excess smoke.

Bushfire mesh is an important part of a complete strategy for minimising the effects of these fires on buildings and their occupants, as well as any valuable resources inside. Bushfire mesh, made of stainless steel and built to specifications set by Standards Australia, substantially improves fire safety by preventing burning embers from entering through windows and doors. At the same time, this material allows air to circulate, reducing the risk caused by hot spots.

Formed mesh, machinery and guarding mesh

Wire mesh doesn't have to remain in a flat orientation to provide value. This versatile material can also be formed into a variety of shapes with broad applications in terms of protecting assets and preventing potentially dangerous interactions between staff or customers and equipment.

Formed wire mesh can help stop accidental contact with moving parts inside a piece of equipment as workers pass by or complete their duties in a given location. Industrial machines are powerful, and mesh can serve as an effective deterrent. It protects both people and equipment from unintentional and potentially serious consequences.

Of course, stock flat mesh has plenty of roles to play in keeping people safe as well. In many instances, a simple cage or screen can be all that's necessary to provide adequate protection. Whether it's formed into a specific shape or supplied as a standard sheet, wire mesh is an effective safety tool.

Bird aviary mesh

Aviaries are valuable tools for bird breeders, pet owners and casual hobbyists alike. These structures allow birds to have substantial exposure to the natural environment while enjoying a high degree of protection. The basic properties of wire mesh, namely a strong yet open structure, make it possible to keep birds safe without having to house them in a fully enclosed building.

Professionals and those simply wanting to look out for their pets often turn to wire mesh as a reliable and durable solution for aviaries. Because wire mesh comes in so many different varieties, including custom options, it's easy to select the best types of mesh for the aviaries your company plans to make. And the underlying simplicity of mesh means it's that much easier for the customer to assemble aviaries as well.

A worker interacts with a control panel mounted on a piece of wire mesh.Wire mesh can serve as an effective safety measure in industrial environments.

Vermin and rodent mesh

Pests can cause all sorts of negative outcomes, from damaging crops or gardens to attacking pets, livestock and even family members. Keeping vermin, rodents and other types of natural pests out of a specific area is another application in which metal mesh excels. By producing wire mesh in line with specifications designed to restrict and discourage access by pests, we can offer your business a solution that's ready for your staff or your customers to install.

Security mesh

Limiting access is the key to effective security. A solution that prevents both unauthorised entry and egress goes a long way toward meeting basic operational goals and building a sense of stability and safety.

Wire mesh can be used as external and internal fencing in a variety of contexts, from speciallsed applications like machine guarding to general uses like defining areas as off limits to members of the general public. It can also be applied for similar purposes in commercial and industrial buildings, defining spaces and limiting access between them.

No matter the specific use case, wire mesh offers some powerful advantages in terms of security. The open yet sturdy nature of the mesh provides protection while maintaining visibility, thereby improving situational awareness. That same structure facilitates air circulation as well, helping to regulate temperature without making a sacrifice in terms of safety.

A supplier you can count on

Locker offers standard and custom wire mesh in many different formats. These broad stock and custom options allow your organisation to select the specific mesh that's best for its needs, whether that means selling aviaries to bird breeders and hobbyists or increasing security within a factory or warehouse. Our team of experts can help guide you through the entire process, from answering questions and selecting the most relevant type of mesh to ensuring an accurate order and speedy delivery. To learn more, get in touch with us today.

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