Mesh curtains are effective in restaurants, offices and many other spaces.

How mesh curtains create atmosphere in any space

Truly successful architectural projects must meet standards of safety, stability and durability to address the most basic needs of the people who work, live, shop and otherwise spend time in them. But safety is far from the only consideration that needs to be made when designing a new structure or renovating an existing one.

To create a broadly positive experience, aesthetics must also be addressed. Designing a pleasing space that makes its purpose clear and provides an engaging atmosphere is an important part of the overall process, as the Whole Building Design Guide explained. Finding opportunities to define spaces and separate distinct areas with options besides standard walls is one effective way to leverage the power of aesthetics. The result is a more memorable and enjoyable experience for the people spending time in a building.

Metal mesh curtains can support this goal by creating clear boundaries in a less common way, while also appealing to those within a building through their unique design and appearance. Let's take a closer look at what mesh curtains are and how they can be used in an optimal way.

A mesh curtain divides two parts of a restaurant.Metal mesh curtains help define interior space in an aesthetically pleasing way.

What are metal mesh curtains, exactly?

High-quality metal mesh curtains are made of interconnected and spiralled wire metal mesh. The many constituent pieces of the material combine to create sturdy, long-lasting curtains that can be used to clearly divide spaces or serve as screening facades. Generally, mesh curtains contribute to a modern and sophisticated look. They aren't especially common in residential construction, which means their novelty can be a positive for businesses looking to create an interesting and distinct atmosphere.

Customisability is a core concern for architects, designers and many other project stakeholders. When it comes to mesh curtains, partnering with the right provider means access to a wide variety of base metals, designs and finishes. Locker offers stainless steel, brass and aluminium options, as well as a variety of wire profiles, mesh thicknesses and weave types that can be used as you see fit.

Mesh curtains have some practical benefits that should be considered as well. While often used mainly or purely for aesthetic purposes, there are some practical benefits of mesh curtains that are important in the context of a building's overall design. The two major advantages to keep in mind are encouraging airflow and allowing natural or artificial light to pass through.

How can I use metal mesh curtains to build atmosphere in my project?

Metal mesh curtains are a simple an effective option for adding texture and character to a space. Depending on your project's specific objectives, you may find using them as a purely decorative tool is the best approach. Putting a mesh curtain in front of a standard wall, for example, can create a more interesting environment and offer a more unique alternative to painting or wallpapering. Of course, there are plenty of options for using a wall's background colour and the colour, spacing and finish of the mesh to create even more engaging optics.

Metal mesh can also serve as an interior sunscreen, reducing but not eliminating the amount of natural light in a given area. This approach offers an alternative to standard curtains and blinds that is more memorable. And with customisation options, you can control the amount of light the curtains allow into your space.

One of mesh curtains' most visible roles is in dividing large spaces into more manageable and easily navigated ones. Convention centres and event spaces can both leverage metal mesh curtains to create divisions between different areas. This is most effective when there doesn't need to be total separation, such as the main floors of trade shows and similar gatherings. Mesh curtains can be positioned to help define the flow of foot traffic while also allowing visibility into other areas of the space.

Restaurants, especially those with large, open interiors, can also utilise mesh curtains to divide the dining space while maintaining a lively and convivial atmosphere. Because metal mesh curtains preserve a sense of openness while still serving as a barrier, the space can be more defined without feeling cramped or limited. And there are fewer concerns with light and airflow than there would be with traditional walls in place.

Finding a dependable partner for your mesh curtain needs

Mesh curtains need to be study, carefully crafted and designed to meet the specifications you lay out for your project. Identifying a capable and trustworthy provider is critical in this context. Locker has more than 60 years of institutional experience providing products that exceed our customers needs. Our knowledgeable team of experts can help you work through the process and realise the exact type of curtain your project needs. To learn more, get in touch with us today.

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