Perforated metal sheets have so many architectural and design applications.

6 patterns to try in perforated metal sheets


Perforated metal sheets offer a valuable combination of aesthetics and practicality. These architectural elements can be extensively customised, with a wide variety of patterns available. Perforated metal can help a structure stand out with a memorable appearance and address a number of issues common to midsize and large buildings.

Let’s look at some of the most important benefits perforated metal sheets provide, then review some intriguing patterns than can help your next project be uniquely memorable.

How do perforated metal sheets benefit my project?

There are many potential benefits that come with the careful placement of thoughtfully designed perforated metal sheets. They include:

  • Strong visual identity: Perforated metal sheets make a clear statement to those who work in, live in or visit your building. They can also serve as a local landmark or attractive visual experience for those who pass by. With options like Pic Perf, your company can implement a totally original design. Whether it incorporates a corporate logo, distinct visuals related to the purpose of the facility or simply a novel pattern, Pic Perf emphasises fresh and engaging visuals.
  • Acoustic adjustments: Perforated metal can positively influence the acoustics and overall audio environment in buildings where it’s used. The two major ways perforated metal influences acoustics are by acting as a facing for specially designed materials like acoustic foam and serving as a tuned resonant absorber, which absorbs sounds at a specific frequency.
  • Privacy: Using perforated metal sheets near windows or as screens for outdoor areas can help limit the ability of the general public to see in without restricting those inside from seeing out. In buildings where privacy is required or desired, like medical facilities and business offices, perforated metal can serve as an elegant solution to a common problem. They can also be used to divide indoor spaces without totally sectioning them off from each other.
  • Sunlight and heat regulation: Large windows are excellent portals to the outside world, helping those within a building spark creativity or simply check on the weather. But banks of windows can also allow an excessive amount of heat and light into buildings. Perforated metal sheets can deflect sunlight and the heat that comes with it, creating valuable shade and reducing cooling costs as well.

Intriguing patterns to consider in perforated metal sheets

The versatility of perforated steel and other metals is clear. Finding the right pattern can perfectly align aesthetics and practical use, making your project look, feel and function exactly how you want it to. Keep these seven popular hole pattern options in mind, and remember than there are so many others you can choose from.

1. Pic Perf: Anything you want it to be

Our Pic Perf product allows you to design almost any perforated metal pattern and apply it to steel or other types of metal base layers. Pic Perf often utilises stainless steel and aluminium and a number of coating treatments, including anodising, powder coating and electroplating. Our knowledgeable and experienced team capably combine imagery, substrate and coating to craft a completely customised final product. If you have a very specific vision in mind for your project and don’t want to rely on existing patterns, as versatile and striking as they can be, Pic Perf is the solution.

A curved sheet of perforated metal with square perforations.A curved sheet with square perforations offers a unique blend of rigidity and flexibility.

2. Grid and square patterns

A grid pattern provides a stable aesthetic, with a repeated, uniform visual appearance. This type of perforated metal sheet doesn’t have to be implemented in a standard square or rectangle shape, either. A curved sheet can blend the appearance of a natural wave form or evoke the feeling of the blowing wind while striking a balance with the soothing repetition of a square pattern. And with plenty of options for the size and spacing of the square perforations, you can address acoustic and privacy concerns with this type of perforated metal sheet as well.

3. Honeycomb pattern

Honeycombs have plenty of positive associations. Bees operate in highly efficient and organised societies. They store a product that is critical for bees’ own survival and is a common food and ingredient for across the world. A honeycomb is also visually pleasing, with hexagons neatly fitting together across surfaces large and small.

A honeycomb pattern can be used internally and externally, stretched across most of or an entire facade or in other, more targeted applications as privacy screens and fences. With many different sizes of honeycomb pattern available, there’s plenty of versatility too.

4. Champagne pattern

Utilising different-sized circular perforations, the champagne pattern offers a sense of whimsy that isn’t seen in more regimented styles like honeycomb and grid perforations. This eye-catching visual is easy to craft and install, making it a simple and direct choice despite its novel appearance. While still an abstract visual, the champagne pattern evokes a bubbly, happy atmosphere that can be used in a variety of settings.

5. Herringbone pattern

Herringbone is an enduringly popular pattern seen across classic and contemporary fashion, from military fatigues to wool suits. It even pops up as a common design on the soles of sneakers and other shoes. In terms of perforated metal sheets, the zigzagged rows of rectangles or parallelograms create a visually pleasing design that is orderly and neat, but becomes more and more intricate as a viewer spends the time to take a closer look. Herringbone is easily used in applications ranging from pure aesthetics to privacy and sun screens.

A mesh patterned perforated metal panel.A mesh pattern can be effective inside and outside of buildings.

6. Mesh pattern

Small holes placed close together emphasise fine detail, creating a pattern that viewers can briefly lose themselves in. A mesh pattern is practical, too, in that it can help regulate sunlight and related heat exposure, as well as serve as an effective privacy screen when placed in the right area. Mesh’s uniformity, and the ability to use mesh patterns of different sizes across various parts of a facility, offers an effective mix of standardisation and customisation.

Finding the right partner for your perforated metal sheets

A dependable and experienced partner can help turn your vision for perforated metal sheets into reality. Locker has the knowledge, tools and staff needed to create standard and custom perforated metal that suits the specific need of your project. To learn more, get in touch with us today.

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