How to keep this monster out of the kitchen plus more great tips from Meshstore!

3 easy solutions you didn’t know you could find at Meshstore

You're likely already aware that Meshstore supply perforated and expanded metal sheets for fencing and screening, walkways and flooring, as well as decorative architectural pieces..However, the true number of applications for our products are really only limited by your imagination.

We've talked about some interesting uses for leftover products before, but did you know there are multiple instant solutions from Meshstore you've never even considered? Here are three that spring to mind immediately.

1. Gripspan planks for motorcycle or scooter ramps

If you ride, chances are you've experienced a mysterious breakdown before. Your mind is going through the motions: Why won't it start? What did I do last time this happened? Who do I know with a ute? Being stuck away from home with a broken down bike and no tools is a huge pain. You want to get it home, your mate has a ute, but you're stuck with the issue of having to get the bike onto the tray in the first place.

The issue isn't limited to this situation solely, you may also have a workbench and need to get your bike or scooter up there from time to time to do some maintenance. Whatever the reason, you need a bike ramp that's strong enough to hold the weight and has enough tread for the tires to grab on to. Look no further. Our Gripspan planks weren't made for this specific reason, but given how aptly they suit the purpose, they might as well have been.

2. Perforated metal sheets for speaker grills

Whether you're sprucing up your home hi-fi system, adding a personal touch to a guitar or bass cabinet, or pimping your ride Mad Max style, perforated metal sheets make awesome speaker grills. Science recently confirmed that the cooler your speakers look, the better they sound. Though it's not all about sound.

The cone of your speaker is the most important, and also the most easily-damaged component of a speaker cabinet. While the difference in sound quality between a cloth and a metal speaker grill is generally imperceptible to humans, the metal is a lot sturdier. This ultimately means that when you're rocking out you are less likely to damage the speaker with a stray kick. And don't even dare claim you don't rock out!

3. Expanded and woven mesh for dog gates

While dog-gate sounds like the cutest conspiracy theory of all time, it is in fact a real thing that people need. Not all dogs are outside dogs. Regardless, whipping up a dog gate is no difficult task. It's just a matter of cutting your wire mesh to the appropriate width and fixing a latch – adding a frame like the picture above is optional. Using a gate like this means you can keep your canine pal away from the bedroom, kitchen or otherwise out of bounds areas of your house.

If the doors inside your home are a uniform size, you can move the gate around as required. A dog gate is much better solution that simply closing a door because it allows you to continue the conversation you're having with your dog. And let's face it, 90 per cent of dog ownership is one-sided conversations.

Meshstore is your go to for perforated and expanded metal, woven and welded wire mesh, and modular handrail systems, no matter what you're planning on using them for. Swing by a branch today to see our range.

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